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Metal Roof Coatings – Harrisburg, PA and the Surrounding Areas

Looking for a way to waterproof your metal roof? Do you want to reinforce your roof against the outdoor elements? CV Roofing Systems’ Conklin® metal roof coatings offer a great mix of lasting quality protection and long-term affordability.

These high-performance, ENERGY STAR® certified coating products involve fewer lifecycle costs than other roof systems. They inhibit rust, extend a metal roof’s life for decades, and can generate tens of thousands of dollars in cooling cost savings.

They even represent some of the best waterproofing solutions available on the market today!

Conklin® Metal Roof Coatings in Action

Conklin® products have a great track record, as they’ve been applied on over 2 billion square feet of roofing nationwide. However, Conklin® roof coatings perform especially well on metal roofs. How?

Well, the answer is found in Conklin’s high-grade product engineering. These coating products are simply well-adapted for the challenges a metal roof faces.

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Consider the following for a moment. Metal is a material with high heat conductivity. When a metal roof has been exposed to the sun on a hot day, the sun’s powerful energy can take its toll. That is where the sun’s energy has a greater impact on a metal roof. All commercial roofs expand and contract with the sun’s overbearing heat. But metal roofs can be especially susceptible to expansion and contraction because of their high heat-conducting properties.

Conklin® metal roof coatings have been designed to overcome this challenge. These durable roof coatings have strong properties of “thermal flexibility”, or “elastomeric” properties. Those terms refer to their ability to expand and contract in hot weather without trouble. Because Conklin® coatings have such great elastomeric properties, they make a metal roof that much more “flexible” despite the sun’s heating effects. Now the effects of this “thermal shock” and the problems they can cause (like roof leaks around seams or screws) can be avoided!

    What are Some Other Benefits of Conklin®?

  • Seamless, leakproof protection for decades
  • Roof coating membrane system that holds up in the harshest weather conditions
  • Less expensive roof lifecycle costs
  • No expensive roof replacement involved
  • Add another layer of reinforced protection to your metal roof
  • Up to 30% savings on yearly cooling costs
  • ENERGY STAR® certification and the benefits it brings
  • Great resistance to dirt build-up and discoloration
  • More comfortable workplace or interior space
  • More energy-efficient building and reduced carbon footprint
  • Non-prorated warranty coverage on 100% of labor and material costs

Commercial Metal Roof Restoration Contractors in Pennsylvania

Along with these great products, our valued contractors deliver customer value through the expertise and background they bring to the table. Each of our contractors has been directly factory-trained with Conklin®, so they are certified experts in its product application.

On top of that, our dependable team has handled many commercial metal roof projects. Between their professional training and commercial roofing experience, they are ready to handle your roofing needs swiftly and proficiently.

Pennsylvania Commercial Metal Roof Restoration Services

The CV Roofing Systems Difference

  • Experienced professionals
  • Friendly and courteous service
  • Non-prorated warranty
  • First-rate professionalism

Beginning with a free roof inspection, we will examine the condition of your metal roof. Afterward, we will provide a detailed analysis and cost projections for the options at your disposal.

Our metal roof restoration services are done without a hassle. There’s no closing of any business doors here! Have your roof restored and enjoy the life-extending benefits of a Conklin® metal roof thereafter, at no cost to your business productivity or daily operations.

So, don’t hesitate! Give us a call at 717-360-6825 today for a free metal roof inspection, with no obligation!

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