Single Ply

What is the Single Ply Membrane System?
Conklin’s factory-manufactured membrane roofing systems provide a durable, energy efficient barrier to the elements. These systems provide superior wind and fire protection, chemical resistance and can be applied in all climates and seasons. Membrane rolls are overlapped and welded together into a tough and durable shield that will protect your building for years.

Ply System Details

What this system can do for you:

* Lower energy costs.
* Fire resistant Underwriters Laboratory certification.
* Creates a chemical resistance for harsh climates.

Hy-Crown® Single

Made with DuPont® Hypalon®, Hy-Crown is the best single-ply membrane on the market today. This premium product has proven its durability and longevity over decades of exposure in the harshest environments. Widely recognized by all major code approval agencies, Hy-Crown provides suprior resistance to a broad range of chemicals, ultraviolet radioation, and ozone. In addition, this durable, ENERGY STAR rated, membrane provides outstanding reflectivity (eighty-five percent). This results in exceptional energy efficiency and toughness.
Flexion™ Single-Ply Membrane

This ENERGY STAR rated, thermoplastic membrane provides fantastic protection from the elements. Its unique chemical formulation is naturally fire resistant and has been recognized by most major code approval agencies. Flexion is an excellent choice for both new and re-roofing applications.